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MLS Residential Electric Services

 Some of the more complex wiring systems in a home are the kitchen, basement, and bathrooms. These are some of the most hazardous areas of the home, with a lot of underlying electrical structures located in these areas. Typically these are the most frequently renovated rooms in the home.

At MLS our

electricians know what wiring is needed and how to install it correctly. Whether it is just one circuit or the entire residence that must be wired, you need to know that your wiring is safe. You can always trust MLS Electric for any wiring job, major or minor. If you need wiring installed or repaired call us at (980)205-4005 or fill out the contact form on this website.

Our Residential Electric Services

Ceiling Fan Installation Services

Ceiling Fan Installation, Replacement or Repair – Do you need a ceiling fan installed, replaced or repaired? Electricians at MLS Electrical are ready to meet your needs. Whether you are installing a new ceiling fan, replacing or fixing a fan our electricians are highly trained and experienced in meeting all of your ceiling fan needs.

Ceiling fans require expert knowledge of electricity and wiring, specialized equipment, and the right supplies. Attempting this job by yourself is not only dangerous for you and your family, but it can present safety concerns for your home and risk to homeowners insurance policies. 

Outlets and Electrical Switches Installation Services

When you are remodeling or installing new appliances or you may want to repair or install new switches or outlets. Today electrical outlets provide for the safe, and reliable utilization of electric power. MLS Electrical can install improved switches and outlet to homes and small businesses. We ensure that your residence is equipped with the correct electric receptacles. 

Outlet Repair and Installation

If the electrical outlets in your home do not work properly, it could be time to repair or replace them. Improper operating outlets are safety hazard. Sparking when inserting or removing appliance is an indication that the outlet needs replacing. Please call a professional to repair or replace your outlets to avoid unsafe situations. A standard home electrical outlet has two three-pronged receptacles. Each of these type receptacles has a 120-volt hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire.

GFCI Outlets Installation Services

GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupters. GFCI outlets contain test and reset buttons and these buttons are used to prevent electric shocks. The Nantional Electric Safety Code (NEC) now requires GFCIs in all homes, meaning that older homes should update all of their outlets to avoid electric safety hazards. To be compliant with local electrical codes, GFCI outlets should be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas as these areas tend to get wet. GFCI outlets have inherent sa

Electricial Wiring & Re-wiring Services

Wiring and Rewiring Safe, and Efficient Wiring – Residential wiring is all about connecting. Wiring brings power to devices and appliances in your home or small business. Wiring service should not be taken lightly, especially when the safety of your family depends on it. We wire and rewire homes and businesses according to code and efficiently because we bring experience to the job and we do it with excellence.

Kitchen Appliances

Because there are so many essential appliances in the kitchen this area consumes large amounts of power and thus the electrical supply to the kitchen is especially important and unique. MLS Electric wires and resolves electrical issues in existing kitchens as well as install new wiring during kitchen renovations. 

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting – Then there are all the lighting options you will find in kitchens such as ceiling fans, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lights and various other light fixtures.