EV Charging Station Installations

with MLS Electric
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EV Charging Station Installations

MLS Electric can install your Level 1 and Level 2 Electric Car Chargers

Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are the small mobile chargers that come with the car when you purchase from the dealership. Licensed electricians are required to install charging stations. Level 1 Chargers require a dedicated 120 volt electric circuit and the charging times can take up to 20 hours to fully charge your electric vehicle. MLS’s local electricians secure the necessary permits to install charging stations in Charlotte.

Our EV Charging Station Installation Services

Level 2 Charger Installation Services

 Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations will charger your vehicle much faster. A Level 2 residential home charging station, also called Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), is powered by a 240 volt dedicated circuit from your electric panel. Licensed electricians are required to install charging stations. Charging times can ranger from 2 to 8 hours depending on the Electric Vehicle and type of charger you purchase.

Load and Power Assessment Services

Prior to each installation in Charlotte Metro  MLS’s licensed electricians will complete a load calculation of your electrical system to ensure a safe and professional installation. Some homes are not able to handle the increased power demands to accommodate an electric vehicle charger and may require a new electrical service or panel upgrade depending on the number of car chargers or what type of charger is required. For more information on this please visit our Electrical Charger Page. 

Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer

At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy 24/7. Installing Powerwall with MLS Electric is easy. We take care of everything from system design, permitting, installation, financing, and app how-to.

Why go electric?

Most EV drivers charge their vehicles at home, which means EVs never require a trip to the gas station and your hands will never smell like toxic petrochemicals. EVs have far fewer moving parts than gasoline cars. There’s no engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, muffler, or catalytic converter. There are a lot fewer things to break down, so there are no oil changes and maintenance costs are much lower.

EV Charging Station FAQ’s

Why should I install a car charger for my electric vehicle?

Your new Electric Car features rechargeable batteries that supply electric energy to the vehicle. When you drive, the vehicle uses the battery’s stored electricity. The charging dock allows you to refill or charge your battery with electricity, sort of like filling your fossil car with gas. MLS’s local electricians are licensed and serve the Charlotte residential area.

Where should I put my charging station?

We recommend that your EVSE be installed by MLS’s licensed local electricians on your garage wall close to where you park your car.  We can also install it on the outside of your house. The cord usually ranges from 12-24 feet in length. We serve Charlotte!

Who can install my charging station?

Only a licensed and professional electrician show be allowed to install electric vehicle charging stations to to ensure that it works properly and meets all electrical code requirements.  If you want a reputable electrician near your then call MLS Electrical.

Can MLS Electric install a charger for any type of electric vehicle?

Yes. We are licensed and local electricians serving Charlotte and are trained and experienced as installing chargers for any electric vehicle. Some examples of cars that serve are:

· Tesla Model S, X, & 3

· Porsche Taycan

· Nissan Leaf

· Chevy Volt, Spark, & Bolt

· Toyota Prius, Mirai, & Rav4 EV

· Ford Focus & Fusion

· Kia Soul

· Fiat 500e

· Audi e-tron

· BMW I3 & I8

· Honda Clarity

What type of electric car charger can MLS Electric install?

Our licensed and local electricians can install any brand of car charger, including the more popular ones such as:

· Clipper Creek

· Tesla 50A Outlet or 3rd Gen Wall Connector (HPWC)

· JuiceBox

· Chargepoint

· Leviton

· Bosch

· AeroVironment

· Siemens

· GE

· Blink

· EvoCharge

· Schneider

· Nissan Leaf EV Charging Station

How EV Charging Stations Add Value To Your Home

An upgraded electrical service completed by our licensed and local electricians her in Charlotte adds value to your home. It also gives you peace of mind. If you have a fuse box or 160’s vintage panel we suggest you search for yourself and see the safety dangers created in your own home. Most breakers in your panel have never been called upon to trip, so they appear to be functioning correctly. But the test does not come until the day when a short circuit or overload occurs and the breaker does not trip.

Included With All Panel Upgrades

New 100 or 200 Amp Panels install by MLS’s licensed and local electricians:

  • New Service Riser or Mast
  • New Outside Meter Panel
  • Apply for Upgrade with Power Co.
  • Electrical Permit -Mecklenburg Co.
  • All Circuits Labelled
  • Two  Ground Rods
  • Full NEC Code Compliance
  • Bonded Water Heater & Meter
  • Ground Block for Utilities

Experienced in Panel Upgrades

MLS has been upgrading electrical services and changing out electrical panels for years and would welcome the opportunity upgrade your home and make it a safer place.  If your are in need of a reliable electrician near you, it’s time to call MLS Electrical