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MLS Electrical Service Panels

 The electrical service panel is the heart of a home’s electrical system. The panel is where power comes in and gets distributed. It consists of the service riser that runs up the side of the home to attach to the power company’s supply. The electrical meter is there to measure much power you use. The bonding of the metal water pipes and ground rods are critically located at the service panel. AT MLS Electric, we offer a variety of electrical service panel upgrades and maintenance programs. 

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Old vs. New Panel 

Many homes today still have the same 60 or 100 Amp electrical service that was installed in the 1960’s. Given the increased use of consumer electronics and appliances today, it is important to have an electrical service panel large enough to meet our energy needs. In addition to increasing the ampacity of the service, an electrical service upgrade also increases the safety of your home’s electrical system.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel 

Upgrading your service to 200 amps or a panel upgrade from the 1960’s panel to a new breaker panel will also increase the resale value of your home.  An electrical panel upgrade is the most commonly cited hazard on a Home Inspector’s report, primarily due to the panels age.

Why Might You Upgrade? 

Some common items that may require a 200 Amp electrical service upgrade:  

  • Home addition
  • Electric Car Charger
  • Add-a-level
  • Pool or hot tub
  • Supplemental heat
  • Remodeled kitchen
  • Detached or expanded garage
  • Central air conditioning
  • Home office
  • Home  theater

How An Electric Service Panel Adds Value To Your Home

An upgraded electrical service adds value to your home. It also give you peace of mind. If you have a fuse box or 160’s vintage panel we suggest you search for yourself and see the safety dangers created in your own home. Most breakers in your panel have never been called upon to trip, so they appear to be functioning correctly. But the test does not come until the day when a short circuit or overload occurs and the breaker does not trip.

What to Expect with Panel Upgrades

Our qualified electricians will assess the age of your existing electrical panel and the systems it supports. We’ll ask you about any electrical issues you may be having as well as assess what type of electrical load your home and household demands.

Our technicians will then recommend a course of action for the panel upgrade and provide a detailed estimate of the cost of the new electrical panel and labor costs to replace the old one. And, of course, we will be happy to answer your questions and listen to any concerns you may have.


Why Contact MLS To Upgrade Your Electric Service Panel?

MLS has been upgrading electrical services and changing out electrical panels for years and would welcome the opportunity upgrade your home and make it a safer place.  If your are in need of a reliable electrician near you, it’s time to call MLS Electrical