Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Services

with MLS Electric
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Parking lot lighting, signs, ground lights, under-canopy lighting, and façade lighting all impact how your customers see your business. A well-lit facility will attract customers and can increase revenue. In contrast, a poorly lit facility will decrease consumer’s overall feelings of safety, keeping them from visiting at night and potentially impacting new customers.

At MLS Electric, we have commercial buket trucks and a team of electricians dedicated to making sure your LED parking lot lighting is burning brightly so your business will be safe and well lit night and day. Many Charlotte area property managers hire full-time staff to manage security and light pole maintenance. Instead, save money with a parking lot lighting service contract from MLS Electric!

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Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Services

If you think about it, your parking lot light poles are one of the most important aspects of your building, most importantly when it comes to the safety of your patrons and employees. At MLS Electric, we are committed to making sure your parking lot is well lit every night. Our light pole services cover:

  • Comprehensive service from one of our fully stocked bucket trucks
  • Timely repair of parking lot lighting outages
  • Properly burning parking lot lights and signage
  • Bulb replacement as needed

Whatever your parking lot lighting needs in Charlotte Metroare, MLS Electric has a solution. With bucket trucks capable of reaching up to 60ft in the air, we can provide light service and maintenance to almost any commercial business in the Charlotte metro area. We also offer parking lot lighting service contracts so you can count on us for your lighting needs without having to think about